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2012 Origins Awards

Force on Force AND Tomorrow's War are up for Origins Awards! FoF for Best Historical Miniature Rules and TW for Best Miniature Rules. Our hopes of winning are not too great, but it's still super exciting!


Extra-Life Fundraising

I'm participating in Extra Life this year. 24 hours of video gaming to raise money for Children's Miracle Network hospitals.

If you have any to spare you can make donations right here.

You can also join my team and raise money yourself. That's over here.

The event is October 15th. :)

AAG New Website

After lots of fits and starts the new company website is up! It's right here! We're pretty pleased with the way it looks. Our forums are still down which is sad, but we're supposed to see them by Wednesday.


Ow. My head.

So...the porch swing broke. While I was sitting on it. Ouch. My head. I scraped my head and bruised my side. Thankfully all my hair stopped the blood from ruining my shirt. :D Although no haircut or dying of the hair til it heals. I swear April has not been my month.

TMI medical fooCollapse ) But combine that with my head banging (and not in a good way!) this month has sucked.

Of course it's not ALL bad. Tomorrow you can find Force on Force and its first supplement Road to Baghdad in stores. Whee. So, be sure to hit your local B&N and such and exclaim loudly about how awesome this book and is and that it has to be the best miniature wargame you've ever seen! Feel free to buy it too! If it's not there you really should loudly demand it be carried. ;) We're getting a new website too. OMG. It's going to be awesome and up in the next couple days. So, keep an eye on www.ambushalleygames.com to see how much we look like a real company. ;)

We're trying to get the money together to get up to see my parents this summer. Dad offered to pay for the kids' tickets so if we can come up with ours we'll go visit. Last month we celebrated the one year anniversary of the adoption. Only 14 years until freedom! :) Armyn registers for kindergarten next month. He's super excited after watching Seth go all year already.

I'm going to go do laundry or something now, but I felt like writing more than my usual short fb post.


Fly by post

This is kinda cool: http://www.randomhouse.com/author/results.pperl?authorid=126930

Official Random House authors and all...kinda. :)


I live and whatnot

Been a busy...hmm..how many fingers...five months! Fingers AND a thumb. We moved a few months ago. Things at the old house just got bad. Still no buying of house, but someday!

Getting used to working on a publishing schedule. It's nuts! Osprey is publishing Tomorrow's War as well as Force on Force.

Working on all sorts of things. One kid in kindergarten. 14 more years til they're out of the house!

Emma does well as always.

I'm either sick or suffering the worst allergy attack of my life.

>< close

An exciting business announcement coming so soon. Eeee!

Popcap and Haiti

Today Popcap Games is donating all the money they make in sales of their games to relief efforts in Haiti. Go pick up silly, time stealing games like Plants v Zombies! :D It's for a good cause!


Good news in the mail.

Sitting safely put away? Dethklok tickets! Woo! Just under two weeks away!